Sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture.

And that's what we have done.

It's a decision we needed to make and as we work so hard to grow our brand and take pride in the thing we love to do the most it has been gutting for us. We have been open 8 years now and it's the hardest thing we have faced so far. However this time health comes first over everything for our clients, staff and family's.

Health is wealth..

We will be closed for the foreseeable until our government provide more instructions. We are welcoming all our clients to re arrange any appointments for this week for around 2/3 weeks time. We will update accordingly each week to keep everyone up to date.

I'm sure we will bounce back from this pick up our tools and continue where we left off with a smile and a laugh.

we hope to see you all as soon as possible and Thankyou for your continued support over the years. It means a hell of a lot.

Best regards
Stay safe